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We deliver on-time, accurately invoiced, less-than-truckload, damage-free freight.

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Accurately invoiced + damage-free
Freight and Logistics Service Overview


At the heart of Champion Logistics is a family business team personally training our highly skilled employees on how to deliver exceptional service.

Our family owned generational industry expertise, combined with a customer-centric approach, enables us to offer personalized solutions for our clients.

  • Special Services
    From Non-commercial / Limited access Locations to Hazardous materials
  • Pickup Services
    Construction/Utility, Exhibition, Inside Pickup, Container Station, even Holiday and Weekends
  • Delivery Services
    After Business hours Delivery, Government, Airports, Appointments
    In Bond Freight, Notification Prior to Delivery, In Bond TIR Carnet
    Loading for Piers and Wharves, Exhibitions

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Some shipment values are higher...
We Offer Excess value liability

Low cost competitive and Top-tier fair

Champion Logistics includes Standard Liability for shipment loss is included with all quotes but when some shipment values are much higher? Ask for excess value liability.

We offer both Low-cost competitive and Fair Top-tier rates.

Champion Logistics
Our team is careful and experienced.

Special Services

From the Dock to Limited access Locations

Our qualified team of professionals bring their experience and know-how with them on every job. Our attention to detail and receptiveness to the unique needs of each client sets us apart.

  • Non-commercial / Limited access Locations (shipper and/or receiver)
  • Service requires a liftgate (shipper and/or receiver)
  • Hazardous material (fire, chemical)
  • Shipments that exceed 7 ft

Pickup and Delivery
We provide full through-put

Pickup and Delivery

Champion Logistics Full Service

  • After Business hours Pickup/Delivery
  • Holiday and Weekends
  • Government and Airports
  • In Bond Freight, In Bond TIR Carnet
  • Notifications Prior/After to Delivery
  • Construction, Utility and Container Stations
  • Piers, Wharves and Loading Docks
  • Inside - Same Level as Delivery Vehicle

Speed and Safety
We know how to work fast and safe.

Perfect Blend of Fast + Safe

Being on-time is as important to us as safety

As a Family Run Business Champion Logistics has employed the same crew leaders and employees for over a decade. Our team is perfectly suited for customers who require a local Logistics company that understands how to properly handle both speed and safety.

We're committed to both protecting your shipment, our workers and making sure everything arrives on time from Cleveland, OH to anywhere in the USA.


Champions of Freight
Need LTL? We Deliver

Secure Storage, guarded, locked and temperature controlled.

Champion Logistics offers less-than-truckload freight in Cleveland, OH that is accurately invoiced, damage-free, temperature and climate controlled. A local solution for Cleveland, OH freight!

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